"500 people were burned there at once! Half a regiment died". Russian soldier rejoices that he escaped alive from AFU (AUDIO) 03/07/2022 15:54:18. Total views 587. Views today — 0.

A Russian soldier rejoices in a telephone conversation with an acquaintance that he survived after shelling by the Ukrainian military. He also complains that the commanders send them to die "like meat". The audio recording of the conversation was posted by Pravda Gerashchenko Telegram channel.

"They immediately burned 500 people! Half a regiment died... The officer caught a driver of the truck - he put a gun to his head and said: "If you do not take my people away from the battle now, I will shoot you!", - the Russian soldier says.

"The Khabarovsk detachment arrived here. They were all killed! There is no one left!", - he added…