Our military defeated large group of Russian troops, preparing to go to Kyiv 03/07/2022 15:06:17. Total views 470. Views today — 0.

A huge group of Russian troops, which was supposed to go to Kyiv, was formed between Kharkiv and Sumy. It exists no more, adviser to the head of the President's Office Oleksiy Arestovych stated on the air of the marathon of the Ukrainian channel, - Liga.net reports.

"A huge task group was uncovered between Kharkiv and Sumy. Now it is gone. Partially killed, partially transferred to Kharkiv and stopped there and partially withdrawn and licks its wounds", - Arestovych said.

He added that the operational capabilities of the Russian Federation are very far from massed bombing and final assaults, or assaults at all.

According to him, Russian troops have hardly advanced over the past 24 hours: they were driven from Chuhuyev in the Kharkiv oblast, they are being beaten near Mykolaiv and are destroyed with artillery near Kyiv – over 10 days, the Russian troops did not even pass small suburbs, Bucha and Hostomel.

"There is no need to be afraid. The Russian army is not strong, it is just long. We will slowly eat it like salami", - Arestovych concluded.