"This is an unacceptable option!". Vereshchuk rejects Russia's proposal to take Ukrainians to its territory 03/07/2022 14:10:28. Total views 616. Views today — 0.

Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Iryna Vereshchuk rejects Russia's proposal to take Ukrainians to its territory through humanitarian corridors.

"This is an unacceptable option!", - Vereshchuk stated at a briefing on March 7.

She recalled that Russia had already disrupted the opening of humanitarian corridors twice by shelling the routes.

"Now the Russians say they are ready to open the corridors, but towards the Russian Federation. That is, they want our citizens to go to the territory of the Russian Federation. This is absurd, cynical and unacceptable", - Vereshchuk stressed.

"I call on the entire civilized world to put pressure on Russia. We need humanitarian corridors. We need to withdraw civilian Ukrainians and foreigners from hot zones", - the Deputy Prime Minister noted.

She also stressed that the name of French President Emmanuel Macron, who asked the Russian President to facilitate the evacuation of civilians in Ukraine, "is being manipulated and used by Russia".

"Stop manipulating the lives of the civilian population! Let us open humanitarian corridors so that people can save themselves and their children!", - Vereshchuk called on the Russian authorities.

She also appealed to the leaders of the USA, Britain and France: "Help to open real and effective humanitarian corridors that will save the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, including foreign citizens".

Vereshchuk urged Ukrainians to trust information about the opening of humanitarian corridors only from official reports of the Ukrainian authorities. 

As reported, Russian punishers are preparing their own "humanitarian corridors" for Ukrainians - to Belarus and Russia.