Zelensky to West: "If you do not close the sky then you want us to be slowly killed" 03/06/2022 17:07:17. Total views 917. Views today — 0.

President Volodymyr Zelensky has once again called on Western leaders to close the sky over Ukraine or provide the country with aircraft to protect civilians from an aggressor who is cynically shelling civilian infrastructure. Head of State stated this in an urgent video message after the shelling of Vinnytsia, - Ukrayinska Pravda reports.

"Every day, we are saying the same thing: close the skies over Ukraine. Close it for all Russian missiles, combat aircraft, for all these terrorists. Make it a humanitarian air zone. No missiles, no air bombs. We are people. And it is your humanitarian duty to protect us humans. And you can do it", - Zelensky urged.

"If you do not do this, if you do not at least give aircraft so that we can defend ourselves, then there is only one conclusion that can be drawn: you also want us to be killed very slowly. It is also the responsibility of the world politicians and Western leaders. From today and forever", - Zelensky stated sharply.