Casus belli? "DNR/LNR" occupiers disperse hysteria about unleashing active hostilities by AFU 02/17/2022 13:29:39. Total views 954. Views today — 0.

Occupation authorities of the "DNR/LNR" have baselessly accused the Ukrainian side of escalating the situation on the line of contact and trying to "unleash active hostilities". This follows from the "emergency statements" of representatives of the CADLO militants.

Pro-Russian propagandists accuse the AFU of massive "shelling of settlements" and this explains their supposedly reprisal fire.

"The situation on the line of contact has sharply escalated. The enemy is making attempts to unleash active hostilities. In order to protect the civilian population, our defenders were forced to return fire to suppress the enemy's firepower", - they say, in particular, in the "People's Militia of the DNR" (self-name of illegal armed formations of CADO). "Sounds of gunnery action are heard in the center of Donetsk", - local and Russian journalists echo the "people's militiamen".

At the same time, the hysteria on the topic of Ukrainian aggression is dispersed in the "LNR People's Militia" (self-name of the illegal armed formations of CALO). "The situation on the line of contact over the past 24 hours has escalated significantly. The enemy is making attempts to escalate the conflict on the direct orders of the Kyiv military-political leadership", - the representatives of the militants state.

The so-called "war correspondents", relying on rumors, even report the preparation of an armored thrust by the JF. "According to sources in the LNR, an armored arm of the AFU - about 50 tanks - was marked in the area of Zolote settlement", - one of them writes.

"Artillery rumbles notably. It does not matter who starts. It matters who finishes. And when. Russia, shoot!", - Russian mercenary Alexander Zhuchkovsky indirectly confirmed the interest of the occupiers in escalating the situation.