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In the area of the Joint Forces Operation on February 3, no violations of the ceasefire by the armed formations of the Russian Federation were recorded, - the headquarters of the Joint Forces Operation reported. "The units of the Joint Forces control the situation and continue to carry out tasks to repel and deter the armed aggression of the Russian Federation", - the headquarters noted.

Citizen of Ukraine Oleksandr Shelest, who is groundlessly detained in the Makiivka correctional colony No.32 on the territory of CADO, needs the help of international organizations. This was reported by Ukrainian Ombudsman Lyudmyla Denisova. Oleksandr is a lecturer in computer science at the Donetsk National Technical University. On September 13, 2017, representatives of the occupation administration came to the Donetsk apartment where he lived with his mother, seized all the equipment and arrested the man. After the arrest, Alexander was placed in a temporary detention facility. From time to time, he was taken for interrogations to the so-called "department for combating organized crime of the DNR Ministry of State Security", during which electric current was used. On May 17, 2019, the so-called "Supreme Court of the DNR" sentenced Oleksandr to 11 years in prison for "espionage". During his imprisonment, Oleksandr's health deteriorated very seriously. Denisova asked the International Red Cross to urgently visit Oleksandr Shelest and facilitate his immediate release.

In the occupied territory of the Donetsk oblast, after reports of mining of educational institutions, an inspection of 352 buildings was carried out - no explosive objects were found. This was reported by the fake "Ministry of Emergency Situations of the DNR". In particular, anonymous reports about the mining of buildings of educational institutions were received on February 2 in the following occupied cities: Donetsk, Makiivka, Yenakiieve, Horlivka, Khartsyzsk, Yasynuvata, Novoazovsk, Krestivka (formerly Kirovske), Snizhnoe, Dokuchaievsk, Chystiakove (formerly Torez), Zhdanivka, Debaltseve and the Amvrosiivka district. It was reported that work to inspect buildings and search for explosives continued on February 3. It was written in the local segment of social networks that "students of the Donetsk College of Technology and Design were evacuated from the building and sent home, because a package with a grenade was found at the doorway, which later turned out to be a lighter".

1141 cases of COVID-19 were detected in CADO over the day, 5 more patients died. This was reported by the so-called "Ministry of Health of the DNR". In total, the "DNR" occupiers have counted 128 495 infected with coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic. 9 563 cases ended fatally. 8 624 patients with COVID-19 are being treated (inpatient and outpatient) in CADO. 79 cases of "usual" pneumonia were also detected during the day, which is 8 more than in the past day. Of these, 56 people were hospitalized. 736 patients with pneumonia are on treatment, 340 of them are on oxygen support (+14 over the day).

A fire broke out in a separate house of occupied Donetsk, as a result of which two people died. This was reported by the so-called "Ministry of Emergency Situations of the DNR". A residential house along Stanochna street in the Proletarsky district caught fire. Personal data of the dead are being established. The fire destroyed the roof on an area of 40 sq. m, the ceiling on an area of 30 sq. m and household items and furniture on an area of 40 sq. m.

A fire broke out at mine 17 bis (branch of the Progress Mine of the Torezantratsyt association) in occupied Chystiakove (formerly Torez). This was reported by the fake "Ministry of Emergency Situations of the DNR". The western haulage gate of bank h8 was on fire. There were 62 people in the mine. All people were taken out of the mine, the emergency working was examined, the fire seats were extinguished with water.

Rostov customs officers opened a criminal case against a resident of the occupied territory of the Donetsk oblast because of money smuggling. This was said in the message of the Southern Customs Administration of the Russian Federation. The Russians reported that the citizen of Ukraine arrived at the customs post of the Veselo-Voznesenka checkpoint in a Toyota Land Cruiser150 from Ukraine. The same message in the separatist segment of the CADO social networks was rewritten - in their interpretation, the citizen arrived "from the side of the DNR". During the inspection, the man was found to have 40 thousand euros and more than 107 thousand rubles, which he did not declare. The amount of the illegally transferred cash amounted to 2.8 million rubles. Now the "citizen of the DNR" faces up to two years in prison of the Russian Federation.