Little-known militant "Vokha" throws down gauntlet to legendary Klitschko: he does not want to mix it, he is ready to shoot him down 02/03/2022 15:04:58. Total views 692. Views today — 1.

Commander of the Sparta armed gang Vladimir Zhoga, nicknamed "Vokha", has thrown down the gauntlet to world boxing champion Wladimir Klitschko through social networks. This is how the "DNR" terrorist reacted to the message that Klitschko Jr. signed up for the territorial defense battalion.

"I am ready to leave the choice of weapons - a pistol, machine gun, sniper rifle or any other weapons - to the opponent. American instructors must have already taught the famous athlete how to handle these adult toys", - the unknown bandit turned to the world-famous boxer.

It is indicative that "Vokha" excluded the contact types of the duel, for example, fisticuffs.