Provisional investigatory commission created in the Rada to clarify circumstances of Crimea occupation 02/01/2022 17:05:19. Total views 589. Views today — 1.

The Verkhovna Rada has created a provisional investigatory commission to investigate the facts that contributed to the temporary occupation of the Crimea, - correspondent of OstroV reports.

229 people's deputies supported the decision.

The main tasks of the Provisional Investigatory Commission:

- checking the information on the assistance of civil servants and representatives of local self-government bodies of Ukraine to the Russian Federation in the temporary occupation of the Crimea in 2013-2014,

- collecting information and obtaining explanations from persons, as well as from enterprises, institutions, organizations, central and local executive authorities and local governments and their officials involved in the implementation of activities related to the range of issues investigated by the provisional investigatory commission.

In addition, the Provisional Investigatory Commission will be able to initiate the issue of bringing the perpetrators to responsibility under the laws of Ukraine.

The Provisional Investigatory Commission will include 10 people's deputies.