Russia urges to openly supply weapons to CADLO 01/26/2022 17:05:04. Total views 869. Views today — 0.

First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council of Russia Andrey Turchak has stated that the Russian Federation should provide support to the L/DNR quasi-formations created by it in the form of deliveries of certain types of weapons, - Russian TASS reports.

"I believe that under these conditions, Russia should provide the Luhansk and Donetsk People's Republics with the necessary assistance in the form of the supply of certain types of weapons to increase their defense capabilities…", - Turchak said, having hypocritically stated that it was Ukraine which prepares aggression.

Let us recall that Russia has been regularly supplying weapons to the occupied part of the territory of Donbas since 2014, hiding these facts, including those recorded by international organizations.