U.S. Embassy in Kyiv allowed voluntary departure of employees and their family members - departure is required 01/24/2022 11:06:13. Total views 1025. Views today — 0.

The U.S. Department of State authorized the voluntary departure of government employees of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine and ordered the departure of their family members from Kyiv. This is said in the message of the Embassy.

"The Department of State made the decision to authorize departure from Mission Ukraine out of an abundance of caution due to continued Russian efforts to destabilize the country and undermine the security of Ukrainian citizens and others visiting or residing in Ukraine", - it notes.

Additionally, the State Department has elevated the previous Travel Advisory for Ukraine to Level Four. "Do Not Travel due to the increased threats of significant Russian military action against Ukraine", - the Americans are being warned.

"We… do so while committed to one of the Department's highest priorities – the safety and security of our diplomats and the American people", - noted by the State Department.