"It is necessary to destroy the stamp "Donbass is war". National Orchestra was afraid to go on stage in Ukrainian costumes 12/09/2015 18:01:03. Total views 1048. Views today — 1.

The chairman of the Luhansk military and civil administration Georgiy Tuka calls to focus efforts on the destruction of the stamp "Donbass is war". He said that at the Open Donbass forum in Artemovsk, - said the correspondent of OstroV.

"Donbass is war" is a stamp that we also need to destroy"- said Tuka. The Governor noted that Kiev National Orchestra was afraid to go to the controlled part of Luhansk region. "They were afraid that this is war, war, war. And they are the representatives of national music and were afraid because they do not know how Donbass would meet them. People are really afraid to come here and perform in the Ukrainian national costumes and sing national songs", - said Tuka.

However, he noted the reaction of the actors, which after each song stood up applauding. Tuka is sure that misconceptions about Donbass have to be destroyed step by step.