Peskov calls leak of information about supply of foodstuffs from Russian Federation to Russian troops in "DNR/LNR" as "mistake" 12/16/2021 16:23:17. Total views 682. Views today — 0.

Press secretary of Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov, has stated that the information contained in the verdict of the Russian court about the deployment of Russian troops on the territory of CADLO is not consistent with the reality, - Russian media report.

As OstroV reported, the judge of the Kirovsky District Court of the city of Rostov-on-Don had unequivocally confirmed in the verdict in the case of bribes that food supplies were regularly carried out from Rostov to "military units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation deployed on the territory of the DNR and LNR" and were on "combat alert duty " there.

These deliveries were carried out once every two weeks. The column was formed from more than 70 vehicles with a carrying capacity of about 40 tons and a total volume of more than 1300 tons. The total cost of food for one delivery was more than 130 million rubles, - the verdict notes.

It was also established during the court hearing that the food supply of the occupation forces in the Donbas was carried out in compliance with the rules of secrecy. Crossing the uncontrolled section of the Ukrainian border, the Russian drivers of the columns, "risking their own lives at the border, remove the license plates, give the documents and, under the protection of the receiving party, go to the place of unloading".

In response to the disclosure of this information, Dmitry Peskov traditionally stated that "theyarenotthere".

"Russian troops were not and are not located in the Donbas, allegations to the contrary are a mistake", - he said.

He also called the facts of the conspiratorial delivery of foodstuffs to the occupation forces of Russia in the Donbas, established during the trial, a mistake.

"Probably, this refers to the mistake of those who wrote this text (of the court verdict). Because this is impossible, there were no and are no Armed Forces of the Russian Federation on the territory of the self-proclaimed republics. Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are on the territory of the Russian Federation", - the Kremlin representative continued to deny the obvious.