"We are ready for what we did not do in 2014": USA tells about sanctions in event of new Russian invasion of Ukraine 12/08/2021 16:54:29. Total views 725. Views today — 0.

U.S. President Joe Biden has stated during a conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin that Washington "is ready to do what it did not do in 2014". This was announced by the White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, commenting on the sanctions that the USA may resort to in the event of a new Russian invasion of Ukraine, - Radio Liberty writes.

It is not yet known exactly what measures the Biden administration intends to introduce if Russia launches an offensive in Ukraine. Some analysts point out that Russia could be cut off from the international financial payments system known as SWIFT, disrupting the Russian economy.

"There was only an exchange of views, but the president was as clear as possible about the USA position on all these issues", - Sullivan said.

He added that the USA does not yet believe that Putin has made the decision to attack.

"What President Biden did – he was very clear about the consequences, if he (Putin - ed.) decides to go for it", - Sullivan added.

According to him, the USA will be ready to provide additional military assistance to Ukraine, if it is attacked by Russia. In addition, the USA is ready to deploy additional forces on the territory of its allies in eastern Europe, the advisor added.

He stressed that the USA urges Russia to choose the path of de-escalation in the case of Ukraine.

Sullivan also added that President Biden did not make concessions when speaking with Putin about NATO's eastward expansion.

"There were no concessions and no commitments", - he stated.

As OstroV reported, U.S. President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed the situation at the Russian-Ukrainian border on December 7 during a video conference.