29 deputies of Odessa City Council are citizens of Russia - Deputy Head of Regional State Administration 04/04/2016 14:49:10. Total views 874. Views today — 0.

29 deputies of Odessa City Council including the mayor of the city are citizens of the Russian Federation. This was announced by deputy head of Odessa Regional State Administration Alexander Borovik on Facebook with reference to the source in the Security Service of Ukraine.

"According to the information received from the patriotically-minded officer of the SSU, the security service established that 29 members of Odessa City Council, including the mayor, are Russian citizens. According to the officer, the SSU knew that the last City Council had 23 deputies with Russian passports. I appeal to the SSU to confirm or deny this information officially. I also call on the Security Service to investigate the allegations presented in the course of journalist investigation Dmytro Gnap including the fact that Mr. Trukhanov had Russian citizenship. I ask independent media to continue their investigation on the city authorities of Odessa," - he wrote.