Officials leaked addresses of all forced migrants in free access in Berdyansk. They ask residents to find "fake" among them 04/01/2016 19:25:31. Total views 1757. Views today — 0.

The Department of Labour and Social Protection of Berdyansk in Zaporizhia region ask local residents to inform on forced migrants who actually do not at the address indicated by them when registering. This was reported on the website of the City Council of Berdyansk, where all addresses of the forced migrants are posted in free access.

The site of the city council contains a few thousand addresses at which forced migrants are registered in Berdyansk. The local Department of Labour and Social Protection of Population explained "leak" of this information by the need to "identify fictitious forced migrants."

"If forced migrants do not live at your address, please submit an application to the office №3 of the executive committee of the Berdyansk City Council or office №18 of the Department of Labour and Social Protection of Population. You must have a passport,"- asked they the residents of Berdyansk.

City's Berdyansk 24 popular website also resorted to calls to disclose the "fake migrants" and posted all of the addresses where immigrants are registered. At the same time, journalists tell the residents of Berdyansk about "inconveniences" that they face if real forced migrant live at their address.

"For example, when subsidies are calculated and it turns out that forced migrants live at your address" "their income can go into the general treasury and affect the amount of state aid," - said the newspaper article.