"LNR" occupiers continue to lie that Ukraine does not open Shchastia and Zolote checkpoints 11/23/2021 18:04:13. Total views 775. Views today — 0.

The CALO propagandists continue to lie that Ukraine does not open checkpoints near Shchastia and Zolote. This was once again stated by Olga Kobtseva, who calls herself "the representative of the LNR in the working subgroup on humanitarian issues of the Contact Group (in fact, the Trilateral Group – OstroV).

"The regular meeting of the humanitarian group in the videoconference mode has ended. Unfortunately, no agreements were reached within the framework of the work. The issues on the agenda were blocked by the position of the Ukrainian party", - she said.

According to the representative of occupation administration, "at the current stage, the Ukrainian party is not ready to fulfill the Minsk agreements" and the obligations assumed… The checkpoints (near Shchastia and Zolote) are not opened".

This traditional lie of separatist propaganda is easily refuted by the OSCE SMMM reports. In particular, observers reported in a report dated November 22 that "checkpoints near Zolote and in the Schhastia settlement (government-controlled, 20 km north of Luhansk) were open, however the corresponding checkpoints of the armed formations south of the disengagement area in the area of Zolote and 3 km southeast of the Shchastia bridge were closed".

The occupiers have been refusing to open the aforementioned checkpoints for a long time, unreasonably blaming the Ukrainian party for this.