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In the area of ​​the Joint Forces Operation on November 22, 4 violations of the ceasefire by the armed formations of the Russian Federation were recorded, one of which was with the use of weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements, the JFO headquarters reported. The enemy opened fire from grenade launchers of various systems and large-caliber machine guns in the direction of Popasna. The occupiers fired twice in the direction of Prychepylivka, using grenade launchers of various systems, large-caliber machine guns and other small arms. The enemy fired from 120 mm mortars in the area of Lebedynske. One member of the Joint Forces was injured as a result of hostile actions. The warrior was hospitalized, his health condition is satisfactory.

Residents of the CADO cannot cross checkpoints on the line of contact even on the days allowed by the "DNR" occupiers because of the repeated bans of the so-called "Healthy Movement Operational Headquarters". This was written in local publics. As one of the employees of the "headquarters" stated in an interview with the separatist Telegram channel, people should not despair after being denied leave or entry, but reapply, changing the reason for leaving or adding more documents to justify the pass. "A person may disagree with the refusal and has the right to reapply, possibly changing the reason for entry, or supplementing it. And also attaching a full set of documents", - the "headquarters employee" recommended, having added that if they refuse, it is the fault of the applicants themselves. Residents commented on the situation with indignation, they wrote that they have to get to relatives in the free territory of Ukraine through the Russian Federation because of refusals, and this is additional money and time, provided that the "DNR headquarters" do not welcome calling children to the "enemy" (note - they named this way the parents of those who would like to visit the elderly in the controlled territory of Ukraine). They also wrote: "…They don't give a damn about your needs, the main thing is to write an application somehow more twisted"; "They say that the certificates are fake"; "Sort of "write more"… All the same, there is a task so that people do not travel, under what excuse - it does not matter"; "There were no republics, there were no problems"; "Is that serfdom?"

16 977 patients with COVID-19 are currently undergoing treatment (inpatient and outpatient) in some areas of the Donetsk oblast, which are under the occupation of the Russian Federation. This was reported by the fake "DNR Ministry of Health". In total, the occupiers have counted 102 415 cases of COVID-19 infection since the beginning of the pandemic. 7775 people died. Studies for coronavirus were not carried out over the past day due to the sanitization of the only laboratory in CADO that does PCR tests. 65 more cases of "usual" pneumonia were detected over the day, of which 33 patients were hospitalized. In total, 2308 patients with pneumonia are being treated, of which 1299 are on oxygen support (+19 over the day).

According to the message of the so-called "Ministry of Emergency Situations of the LPR", two people became victims of the fire in occupied Luhansk. A fire in one of the apartment buildings in the Molodizhny quarter occurred as a result of careless handling of the fire while smoking. The bodies of a man and a woman were found at the scene, whose identities are being established.

A road traffic accident occurred in occupied Donetsk: a Lexus car knocked down two concrete pillars that blocked traffic on the road. This was reported in the local segment of social networks. "A car has demolished a couple of pillars on the Olimpiyeva Street, the passage is blocked", - the townspeople wrote. The photos were actively commented on by other motorists: "This is a new level! Two pillars at once, how?"; "The trouble with cars day by day"; "No, with drivers". They also reported that the cause of the accident was glare ice, the roads were not strewn.