"They will go through the Donbas, and the guys there are harsh". Lukashenko promises problems to Poland in case of border closure 11/22/2021 16:42:34. Total views 799. Views today — 0.

Alexander Lukashenko threatens Polish politicians with serious consequences if the border with Belarus is closed. The self-proclaimed president of Belarus announced this on November 22, accepting a report from one of his "governors", - BELTA reports.

"One more point. This is probably more an appeal to the Poles. You probably hear that there are constant threats from these wild politicians and leaders of Poland: we will close the border, Kuznytsia will be closed - a railway border crossing. And so on, and so forth. I can only say in this regard: they will close it – no problems. If it is more convenient, close it. But at first you need to think about how they will communicate with Russia, China and with the east in general. They will go through the Donbas, and the guys there are harsh. They will boss them around quickly, - he said.

"I say this figuratively - through the Donbas. Nobody is waiting for them there. The border with Ukraine is closed there from Russia", - Alexander Lukashenko explained.

He believes that the Polish side with its statements is trying to scare and escalate the situation. "They tried to solve their internal and external problems by putting pressure on Belarus and to show who is to blame for Poland's problems", - Lukashenko stated.

As previously reported, the work of the Bruzgi-Kuznits Kuznytsia automobile border crossing was temporarily suspended on November 9 due to the migration crisis, but the railway border crossing continued to work. Poland threatens Belarus with the closure of the railway border crossing in Kuznytsia, if Minsk does not stabilize the situation in the area.