TV tower broadcasting to occupied territories comes under fire from militants' artillery in Luhansk region 11/18/2021 14:51:35. Total views 741. Views today — 0.

Another crime by the Russian occupation forces against Ukraine and civilians in the front-line zone happened yesterday afternoon, - the press center of the Joint Forces operation headquarters reports.

So, the enemy made three attacks with heavy artillery at the Komyshevakha settlement in the Luhansk region on November 17, at about 15.30-16.00. The fire was conducted targetedly at the area of the recently opened powerful TV tower, from which Ukrainian TV channels broadcast on the territory temporarily occupied by the Russian Federation.

"Considering that the day before, the entire news feed from the occupiers was full of fake reports about the alleged shelling of various settlements by the Ukrainian troops from Komyshevakha, it becomes obvious that shelling of the TV tower was planned by Russian artillerymen in advance", - the message said.

The report also stated that the Ukrainian military were controlling the situation.