"The whole district has left": occupied Donetsk complains that people are leaving the city 11/17/2021 16:02:38. Total views 688. Views today — 0.

Hundreds of thousands of residents have left occupied Donetsk during the war, and this trend continues - young people are leaving the city en masse. This is written about in the local segment of social networks.

Thus, Donetsk restaurateur Andrey Begeza told the separatist Telegram channel that "if you count how many people left Donetsk during the war years, you get a whole district of the city, and given that very often young people leave, who could give new residents of the city, then, perhaps, more than a district".

According to him, the outflow of personnel continues. "Everyone is leaving, but the overwhelming majority is young people under 40. Before you have time to train the waiter, he/she drops everything and goes to Russia", - Begeza says.

The restaurateur admits that there is no one to work with; there is a shortage of experts in every industry. And the reasons for leaving are war, closed borders, high prices and lack of prospects. In any case, it is easier to realize your potential where the population's ability to pay is higher. "And, perhaps, the people would be patient, if they were told how much more to suffer. But no one knows this", - the local restaurateur believes.

The topic of mass departure of the Donetsk residents has been frequently discussed in social networks lately.

"What strikes the eye in Donetsk is the small number of people on the streets. At the same time, even in such seemingly passable places as the City Garden, there are also not many people. The large number of cars near the Continent is discordant with this. Of course, this means nothing. Some people came for groceries, others – for something else. In general, the lack of the usual number of people is striking the eye. Those who left are: experts, mostly subject matter, parents with children, buyers of goods and services and personnel", - the Donetsk residents write and provide photos of the deserted central streets of Donetsk in support of their words.