"Removing Yura Yenakiyevskiy from the wanted list was decided in the Bankova Street": court canceled detection of Ivanyushchenko – Leshchenko 04/01/2016 15:45:30. Total views 1340. Views today — 0.

Dneprovskyi Court of Kiev on Friday morning canceled detection of Yanukovych’s ally - oligarch Yuriy Ivanyushchenko, known as Yura Yenakiyevskiy. PPB deputy Sergey Leshchenko wrote about that on his Facebook page.

According to him, the decision was made by judge Nikolay Chaus.

"Chaus decided in favor of Yanukovych's closest ally Yura Yenakiyevskiy. He removed Yuriy Ivanyushchenko from wanted list. He also lifted sanctions on delivering him in custody for selecting preventive measure,"- said Leshchenko.

"After the decision enters into force Yura Yenakiyevskiy will be finally able to leave Moscow and visit his family in Monaco. Carping tongues say that the removal of Yenakiyevskiy from the wanted list was decided in Bankova, but we, of course, do not believe. Judge Chaus just decided to exceed powers and unselfishly give freedom to Ivanyushchenko," - wrote Leshchenko.