"LNR" leader Pasechnik "changes his mind" on supplying Ukraine with coal and electricity. He demands "peace on our terms" 11/15/2021 17:12:43. Total views 699. Views today — 0.

Leader of the "LNR" Leonid Pasechnik has stated that the "republics" would no longer supply coal and electricity to Ukraine. He refuted his own statement that CALO was ready to consider allegedly Kyiv's proposals in an interview with Russian media.

As previously reported, separatist and Russian propaganda spread a fake, according to which Ukraine asked the occupation authorities of Donbas to consider the issue of "commercial procurement" of energy sources to the controlled territory.

As part of the promotion of this disinformation, Leonid Pasechnik announced his readiness to consider "options for cooperation". However, after the information that the alleged request from Ukraine was refuted, the leader of the "LNR" changed his rhetoric.

"Kyiv wanted to agree on the supply of electricity without ringing any alarm bells: No prices and no conditions were discussed. Kyiv was interested in organizing supplies of electricity and coal to them below the radar, because they have an energy crisis in the country and are on the verge of rolling blackouts", - he came up with a new version of the fake news.

"We are well aware that for more than seven years of the war, we, entangled by previous economic obligations, unwittingly supported the economy of the state that was killing us. Now this practice has been suppressed. Either peace on our terms, or… the attempt to "solve the problem of Donbas" by force, that is, Ukraine's bloody withdrawal from the Minsk agreements with predictable consequences for it - up to the dismantling of this state formation", - he stated belligerently.