Two hundred "DNR/LNR" leaders soon to be admitted to the ranks of United Russia party ruling in Russian Federation - social networks 11/02/2021 13:52:52. Total views 692. Views today — 0.

Collaborators holding leading positions in the occupational administrations of CADLO will soon be accepted into the ranks of the ruling United Russia party. This is said in the message of the Wargonzo Telegram channel.

According to a Russian propaganda project, amendments have been made to the United Russia charter, allowing residents of Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus to join the party. The Rostov branch of the United Russia will be their "regional committee".

"Our sources in the party apparatus confirmed that the United Russia is preparing to accept into its ranks 100 officials from the leadership of the LNR and 100 – from the DNR leadership. Application forms have already been sent to the republics", - the message says.

"This circumstance suggests that the LDNR statesmen (Russia did not recognize the statehood of the fake republics of Donbas - OstroV) will officially be included in the internal political life of the Russian Federation", - the authors of the project write, stressing that this is "an element of the strategy that is being implemented by order of the first person", that is, Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Amid reports from the front, this is the only good news. We are waiting for official confirmation.