"DNR" propagandists accidentally tell that militants are stationing their positions near residential sector 11/02/2021 12:46:08. Total views 616. Views today — 0.

The "DNR" propagandists have leaked information that the militants are stationing their positions in the immediate vicinity of the houses of civilians. This follows from the message of one of the separatist Telegram channels.

It contains the story of a resident of the occupied Kominternove, which, according to the authors, should confirm the aggressive actions of the AFU.

The woman does not give any facts, getting off with general phrases. "Small arms did not stop for an hour. And then, right before your call, something loudly cracked. It falls somewhere in the positions", - she admitted that no one is shelling the village.

Moreover, she admits that the positions of the occupation forces are located under the cover of the houses of civilians. "For you to understand, this (the positions of the militants - OstroV) is not more than 200 meters from my street".

In other words, when the "people's militiamen" are shelling the controlled territory of Ukraine, their shells and mines fly over the houses of the residents of Kominternove. At the same time, the eyewitness confirmed that the AFU were returning fire precisely at the positions of the militants.