The head of "People's Council" of the "DPR" "boasted" of the fact that he was allowed to enter Russia and even a plane with his"republican" passport 03/31/2016 15:05:53. Total views 1301. Views today — 0.

The so-called chairman of the "National Council" of the "DPR" Denis Pushilin "boasted" of the fact he was allowed to cross Russian border and buy a plabe ticket with his "republican" passport. He stated this on the air of the Oplot separatist channel, - reported the "National Council" website.

"With regards to the exciting issue of DPR passports and possibility of free entry to the territory of the Russian Federation, I checked myself - you can freely enter and leave Russia, buy a plane ticket, move freely on the territory of the Russian Federation and much more with the DPR passport. Stay in Russia is permanent with that passport, there is no limit of 90 days," - he said.

There is no other, except for Pushilin’s words, confirmation yet that the "passport" of the unrecognized "republic" is recognized at all levels in the Russian Federation.

As previously reported, the so-called "passport of the DPR" are legally worthless. Russia that has not recognized the existence of Donbass "republics" has no right to recognize these "passports". However, political analysts report that the Kremlin seeks to violate all international norms once again and recognize fake documents of the "DPR" and "LPR".