Russian officer "with JCCC armband" worries about status of Joint Centre employees assigned by "DNR/LNR" occupiers 10/25/2021 13:15:08. Total views 608. Views today — 0.

Russian officer Ruslan Vakhitov, legalized in the occupied Donbas as head of the de jure non-existent "DNR representative office in the JCCC Ruslan Yakubov" fears that the detention of his impostor colleague from CALO threatens the inviolability of status of the Centre's employees. The Russian stated this in an interview with one of the separatist Telegram channels.

In his opinion, the detention of an armed militant conducting reconnaissance near the AFU positions can destroy "the entire security system built in recent years on the line of demarcation of the parties in the Donbas".

"The incident with Andrey Kosyak openly demonstrates Ukraine's unwillingness to come to a peaceful settlement of the conflict, representatives of official Kyiv already several times deliberately refused to take part in the extraordinary meetings of the working group on security issues initiated by the LNR to resolve the issue of early release of the LPR observer in the JCCC", - Vakhitov-Yakubov once again pretended that he was not aware that the "delegations" of CADLO were not members of the Trilateral Contact Group and negotiations were not being conducted with them.

As previously reported, after the departure of Russian officers in December 2017, the terrorist "DNR/LNR" announced the creation of their own "representative offices" at the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination on ceasefire and expressed a desire to cooperate with the OSCE mission. Officially, there are no representation offices of the terrorist "republics" in the Joint Centre. They are called "members of the armed formations with the JCCC armbands" in the OSCE SMM reports. The Centre had 128 officers of the AFU and the AF of the Russian Federation before the demarche of Russia. They worked in 16 control groups - 8 each in the territory controlled by Ukraine and in the zone of occupation. After the adoption of decision on full and comprehensive ceasefire in Minsk in July 2020, the Ukrainian party insists that Russian officers return to the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination on ceasefire and stabilization of the demarcation line between the parties.