Identification through Diia for pensioners from CADLO to be available before year-end 10/06/2021 16:50:33. Total views 575. Views today — 0.

The ability to go through identification process remotely for pensioners from the occupied Donbas will become available until the end of the year. This is said in the message of the Ukrainian delegation to the TCG in Telegram on October 6.

It is reported that the Cabinet of Ministers adopted a decree in September allowing, in particular, pensioners in the temporarily occupied territories to go through identification process remotely.

"The relevant procedure can be completed in the personal account on the portal of the Pension Fund of Ukraine using electronic signature in the Diia application. It is expected that the relevant technical capabilities will appear before the end of this year", - the message says.

In order to do this, you need:

1. Register on the Diia portal (download the application to your smartphone).

2. Go to the Menu and select "Diia. Signature".

3. Click "Create".

4. Verify your identity using additional photo services, NFC or BankID.

5. Come up with your own five-digit code for "Diia. Signature".

After that, it is necessary to complete the identification on the official portal of the Pension Fund of Ukraine.

As reported by OstroV, at its meeting on September 22, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine improved the mechanism for the payment of pensions and financial assistance to citizens of Ukraine by introducing additional possibility of identification for their recipients - remotely.