It is necessary to legislatively interdict residents of CADLO from remembering quiet life before Russian World – "war correspondent" 09/27/2021 12:59:29. Total views 603. Views today — 0.

It is necessary to prohibit the residents of the occupied Donbas from nostalgically recalling the peaceful life that they lived before the arrival of the Russian World by a special law. This opinion was expressed by Russian propagandist Yuri Kotenok, who had admitted that the population of CADLO negatively perceives much of what is happening in the "republics" today.

"Sometimes it seems to me that we in Donetsk need to adopt a law that it is enough to live in the past, we need to live in the present and the future. Why? This disappointment, constant nostalgia for a well-fed quiet life, when there was no shootings, when people could move freely and take loans, is so prevalent that people cease to feel the reality: there will never be that Ukraine again", - he said.

The Russian propagandist who calls himself a "war correspondent" did not specify that people still live peacefully and calmly in the controlled territory of Ukraine: there is no shootings there, people move freely, take loans and have much that is not available to the residents of the occupied Donbas.