"DNR" occupiers refuse to transfer body of deceased defender of Ukraine to controlled territory – Harmash 09/24/2021 13:56:05. Total views 725. Views today — 0.

The "DNR" occupiers have refused to return the body of the deceased defender of Ukraine to the territory under their control. This was reported by representative of Ukraine in the TCG Serhiy Harmash on his Facebook.

According to him, having shown the initiative of goodwill, the Ukrainian side transferred the remains of deceased supporter of the "DNR" Anatoliy Mialkin to the uncontrolled territory.

"That "side" turned to us at the TCG with a request to give the remains, since the mother of the deceased suffers from the last stage of oncology and wants to die having buried her son. For us, maternal pain is the same on all "sides". We promised to work out this issue, having asked in return the remains of another son, for another mother living on "this side", - S.Harmash reported.

However, despite the fact that the Ukrainian side agreed to hand over the body of the deceased militant for burial in CADO, the "DNR" occupiers refused to take a similar humanitarian step.

"As a result, not immediately, but a few days after, our "goodwill" was refused", - the representative of Ukraine in the TCG writes.

"There was a choice: to act as they did and stop the transfer of the remains too, or let the mother bury her son and leave with peace of mind. We gave them. We must not and will not become like nonhumans who hold hostage in the occupied territory not only the living, but also the dead…", - Serhiy Harmash summed up.