Ammunition depot explodes in occupied Yasynuvata - social networks 09/21/2021 12:03:41. Total views 734. Views today — 1.

A depot with ammunition from the Russian occupation forces exploded in occupied Yasynuvata. This is reported by local residents on social networks.

The reports indicate that a fire broke out in the area of school No.69 and explosions were heard. Occupation propaganda tried to state that in fact, these are the consequences of a mortar shelling by the AFU. However, some local residents refute this far-fetched version with their posts. "Name at least one place of hit!", - they react to hysterical comments in the "Roll Call. Yasynuvata" group about shelling from Ukraine.

Many people drew attention to the fact that, allegedly, after the "Ukrainian mine" hit the area of the school, the explosions did not stop.

Even the obvious supporters of the version of "Ukrainian punishers" eventually admitted that it was not about the school and its dormitory, but about the ammunition depot. "They hit ammunition equipment. Now it explodes on the spot. Nobody to go to area of school No.69!"

"It is scary to go to the place, the ammunition equipment still explodes. There is no humor to die from our own fragments", - the residents of Yasynuvata confirm the fact of the ammunition depot's explosion.