Rada votes down appeal to USA to grant Ukraine status of key ally outside of NATO 09/08/2021 18:40:35. Total views 1048. Views today — 0.

The Verkhovna Rada has failed an appeal to the U.S. Congress on granting Ukraine the status of the key U.S. ally outside NATO (MNNA), - correspondent of OstroV reports.

24 MPs out of the 226 minimum required supported the decision today, September 8.

The initiator of the resolution was People's Deputy from the European Solidarity Oleksiy Honcharenko.

The status of the major non-NATO ally allows such a country to participate in joint initiatives with the USA against terrorism and in defense projects, conduct joint research and receive funding from the USA for a number of defense tasks.

According to the U.S. State Department, 17 countries are among the key allies outside of NATO, including Australia, Argentina, Israel, Japan, Kuwait, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Morocco.

As previously reported, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine urged not to vote for an appeal to the U.S. Congress to grant Ukraine the status of the key U.S. ally outside of NATO.

Thus, according to Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, last year Ukraine received the status of a partner with expanded NATO capabilities, which gives a real deepening of interaction with the alliance.

"A week ago, during a visit to Washington, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky successfully enlisted the support of the USA to strengthen Ukraine's defense capabilities. We also signed there a new agreement with the USA in the field of security and defense, which is more ambitious in a number of parameters than the status of the "key ally outside of NATO", - Kuleba noted.

In his opinion, Ukraine will be the key USA ally in NATO, and not outside of NATO.