Minibus with Ukrainians gets into accident in Poland: seven people injured 09/07/2021 15:57:06. Total views 845. Views today — 0.

Seven Ukrainians were injured in an accident near the Polish Lublin, - the Consulate General of Ukraine in Lublin reported on September 7.

"According to the General Consulate of Ukraine in Lublin, there was an accident involving a minibus near the city of Lublin in the morning of 07.09.2021, in which 8 people traveled from Ukraine to Poland. 7 citizens of Ukraine were injured as a result of the accident. All victims were promptly accommodated in the SPSK4 hospital in Lublin. As of now, the threat to life is not reported, the condition of the victims is of moderate severity", - the message says.

It is reported that the consul on duty went to the hospital to provide possible consular assistance to the victims. Everyone is provided with maximum assistance, contacts with the relatives are being established.

"We ask relatives and friends of the victims, if necessary, to call the 24-hour CGU hotline in Lublin: +48 784 138 555 ", - the department notes.