Election of new head of SAPO delayed 09/06/2021 16:26:49. Total views 892. Views today — 1.

The last meeting of the tender committee, which elects the new head of the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office, has taken place on July 26. After that, it had to move on to the last two stages of selection, but this does not happen, since the members of the commission are on vacation or on sick leave. Member of the commission, international lawyer Drago Kos spoke about this in an interview with Babel.

The last two stages of selection were supposed to begin after July 26: a practical task and an examination of professional competence, but the commission has not held meetings since then.

Kos explained it this way: "Formally, this is explained by the fact that part of the commission members is on vacation - this is a bad excuse. When I was on vacation, I still took part in meetings. If I can do it from Slovenia or Croatia, then other members can. We asked why there are no meetings. We were told that it was due to vacations and covid".

He noted that there is a colleague from Ukraine who participated in the meetings from the hospital.

In addition, according to Kos, four international members of the commission are being criticized for not taking part in the commission on a regular basis, but there are two points here: "We are very busy and did not expect this selection to last so long, but we always do so that there is a quorum on our part, so we do not block the work of the commission".

According to the lawyer, the work of the commission may also be disrupted by the judicial process in which it is involved.

"At least one candidate who did not pass the selection is trying to undermine the work of the commission. We are watching with interest what decision the court will make. We are calm because we acted in accordance with the law", - Drago Kos added.

As previously reported, Nazar Kholodnytskyi resigned as the SAPO head on August 21, 2020.