"DNR ministers" "forget" to tell OSCE coordinator that CADLO must pay taxes in Ukraine 08/18/2021 13:06:20. Total views 724. Views today — 0.

The propaganda resources of CARO present the meeting of the OSCE coordinator Herbert Salber with representatives of occupation authorities of the "DNR" as a bilateral discussion of the problem of renewing, as Ukraine's obligation, the payment of pensions to the residents of uncontrolled territories of the Donetsk oblast. This is evidenced by "official" publications in the local media.

"On August 17, plenipotentiary representative in the Contact Group for the settlement of conflict in the Donbas, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the DNR Natalia Nikonorova and official representative in the economic group, Minister of Labor and Social Policy of the Republic Larisa Tolstykina met with coordinator of the group on economic issues from the OSCE Herbert Salbert", - they publications say.

Allegedly, topical issues were discussed during the meeting, including the resumption of "payments of pensions by Ukraine on the territory of the Republic".

"The meeting with coordinator of the OSCE group on economic issues Herbert Salbert passed in a positive note. In general, we can say that a full-fledged dialogue took place today. Mr. Salber reacted to the problems of residents of our Republic with a large share of participation and noted the importance of continuing negotiations in the Minsk format", - local journalists quote one of the "ministers".

At the same time, the "DNR" propagandists traditionally did not report that the Minsk agreements envisage the resumption of pension payments not on the "territory of the republic", but in the "areas with a special procedure for local self-government", controlled by Ukraine and subject to the "resumption of taxation within the legal framework of Ukraine".