Sloviansk doctors come to rally because of two-month salary delay - they want to write letter to President 08/16/2021 17:29:35. Total views 649. Views today — 0.

The rally of medical workers took place in the courtyard of the city clinical hospital in Sloviansk on August 16, - Donetsk TV reports.

Doctors protested because of the delay in wages. According to the protesters, the last time they received money was in June. The protesters blame the hospital management and the local authorities for the situation.

"There is no money for the two months of work. We wrote inquiries at the local level, but did not receive any responses. There is a proposal to write official letters to the President and the Prime Minister, if no one hears us", - the medical workers say.

Officials, in turn, explain that the National Health Service does not transfer money to the hospital in full.

Deputy head of the civil-military administration Yuriy Podlesnyi reported during the rally that a letter would be sent to the National Health Service of Ukraine, in which representatives of the service would be invited to a "round table".

In total, wage areas to the employees of the Sloviansk City Clinical Hospital reached about $262 thousand.