SBU counterintelligence detains spy of Russian military intelligence in Luhansk oblast 08/12/2021 17:03:17. Total views 719. Views today — 0.

Counterintelligence officers of the Security Service of Ukraine found and detained in the Luhansk oblast an agent of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, - the press center of the department reports.

It was established that the citizen of a foreign state temporarily residing in the territory of one of the regions of Ukraine, periodically traveled to the JFO zone to collect intelligence information on the instructions of representatives of the special services of the aggressor country.

He received a monetary reward for this "work".

The Russian "curators" were interested in information about the latest weapons and military equipment involved in the JFO, places of deployment, personnel of the AFU and the like.

The spy was taken red-handed during the transmission of military information to a representative of the Russian special services via electronic communication channels.

The attacker has now been detained. He was taken into custody by the court decision. The issue of announcing suspicion under Part 1 of Art. 114 (espionage) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine is being decided.