In Kyiv, unknown man with grenade threatens to undermine Cabinet of Ministers (VIDEO) 08/04/2021 12:36:29. Total views 781. Views today — 0.

An unidentified man with a grenade threatens to blow up the Cabinet of Ministers in Kyiv. A video from the scene of the incident was posted on Facebook by representative of the Stop Corruption organization Ihor Bondarchuk.

"Just now… A man with a grenade entered the Cabinet of Ministers - pulled the pin and shouted about the building seizure. That's gross", - he wrote.

The unidentified man stated that "he will be imprisoned for ten years and will not leave this place alive".

"This is seizure of the building… Take people away. Everyone hop off! Do not touch the gun, or I will take the pin out. I am a military engineer! Take people out of the hall, the grenade is combat!", - the man shouts.

The video shows how people freely enter and leave the building.

According to media reports, the man served in the JFO. As an acquaintance characterizes him - "a normal sensible guy". "Perhaps he had a nervous breakdown", - the aggressor's friend comments on the situation.

Law enforcers cordoned off the building of the Cabinet of Ministers.