Zelensky on Russia's claims: "Distant relatives should not claim inheritance of Kievan Rus" 07/28/2021 16:21:40. Total views 736. Views today — 0.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy has debunked the claims by the Kremlin propaganda that modern Russia is the heir to Kievan Rus and that Ukrainians and Russians are one people. He expressed his version of historical continuity in an address to the Ukrainians on the occasion of the Day of the Baptism of Kievan Rus, - the press service of the President's Office reports.

"Kievan Rus is the mother of our history. 24 oblasts of Ukraine and the Crimean peninsula are her own children. And they are her heirs by right. Cousins and very distant relatives should not encroach on her inheritance. And try to prove their involvement in the history of thousands years and thousands of events, being thousands of kilometers from the places where they took place", - the head of the Ukrainian state said.

"A thousand years and one sign are between Kievan Rus and Ukraine. There is a dash between them in the text of the relevant decree of the President of Ukraine. And this is not just a punctuation mark. It is a sign that Ukraine is the successor of one of the most powerful states in medieval Europe", - he figuratively characterized more than a thousand-year history of Ukraine.

"This is not part of our history, this is our history. We do not need to prove it with historical treatises, works or articles. Because our evidence is not on paper, but in metal and stone. Not in myths and legends, but in our cities and on our streets", - he indirectly commented on the "historical" article of the President of Russia, in which the Kremlin master tries to show on the basis of historical myths and propaganda clichés that it is Russia that is the heir of Kievan Rus and the Ukrainian people are historically part of the Russian people.