Robberies and hijackings become more frequent with weakening of curfew in CADO - leader of "DNR" 07/08/2021 15:44:28. Total views 666. Views today — 0.

Leader of the "DNR" Denis Pushilin promises to think about the complete abolition of the curfew, although even partial weakening has led to an increase in crime. He told this in an interview with separatist media.

Pushilin reported that he would not promise a complete cancellation of the curfew, so as not to reassure the citizens.

"We are carrying out an experiment. We need to draw certain conclusions and see how this affects the level of crime and the work of our law enforcement agencies. Based on this, we will summarize and take the following steps in September. I hope they will go towards lifting restrictions, but I do not want to run ahead so as not to give much hope", - the "DNR" leader stated.

At the same time, he noted that even after the partial cancellation of the curfew at the weekends, cases of vehicle thefts and robberies became more frequent. Therefore, if the crime situation worsens, it is even possible to roll back to the daily curfew regime, - the head of the occupation administration did not rule out.

"Maybe we will have to roll back, which we would really not want to do. What can we talk about now - those types of crimes that we have forgotten about in recent years have returned during this time. Car thefts appeared with the abolition of the curfew. These are isolated cases, but we have not seen this in recent years. Robberies during the night have become more frequent. This is not a critical level yet. If there is no deterioration, we will come to the next stages", - Pushilin promised.