Every second Ukrainian calls Russia responsible for war in Donbas, every third - Putin personally - poll 07/08/2021 13:42:31. Total views 575. Views today — 0.

Every second Ukrainian calls the Russian Federation responsible for the start of war in the Donbas, and every third - personally Putin. This is evidenced by the results of the All-Ukrainian Omnibus sociological survey conducted by the Active Group research company in June 2021.

Answering the question "Who do you think is responsible for starting war in the Donbas?", 51% of respondents named the Russian Federation, 35.5% - Putin, 10.8% of respondents named former President Poroshenko, 9.6% - Maidan, 5.4% each - the USA and the EU, 3% - NATO and 1% - Turchynov personally.

9.6% of the respondents were undecided about the answer and 1.5% chose the answer "Other".

Compared to last year's June poll, the number of those who consider Russia responsible for the outbreak of war in the Donbas this year has increased by 9.4%, the number of respondents who blame Poroshenko personally has been reduced almost by half (from 18.2% to 10.8%). Also, the number of those who consider Turchynov personally responsible has decreased from 10.2% to 1%.

The research was conducted by the Active Group company on June 17-18, 2021 using the CATI method (telephone interviews with a clearly structured questionnaire using intelligent systems). Geography: the entire territory of Ukraine, with the exception of the occupied regions. A total of 1200 respondents were interviewed. The sample is representative by age, sex, region of Ukraine and type of settlement (city/village). The error at a confidence coefficient of 0.95 does not exceed 2.9%.