PPB nominated Groysman for the post of Prime Minister – Syumar 03/24/2016 18:46:12. Total views 1061. Views today — 1.

Parliamentarian Petro Poroshenko Bloc faction has proposed the Verkhovna Rada speaker Vladimir Groisman for the post of Prime Minister of Ukraine. This was stated by deputy head of the Narodnyi Front faction Victoria Syumar, - reports RBK-Ukraina.

"We are happy that now our partners from the largest faction of the coalition - Petro Poroshenko Bloc finally responded to our suggestion to offer its candidate for the post of Prime Minister, because that's Peter Poroshenko Bloc that said it was no longer possible with Arseniy Yatsenyuk’s government. Actually when nominating this candidate, PPB faction leader said that they considered the option of a technocratic governmen but did not see enough votes for it, respectively, they offered an option of the party government, that could be Vladimir Groysman from PPB,"- said Syumar.

She noted that the NF faction expected the activity programme of the government led by Groysman or the text of the new coalition agreement. At the meeting on March 28th Narodnyi Front faction is going to discuss the candidacy for the Prime Minister, programme and position of the new coalition agreement.

The MP also said that the PPB offered NF the position of the Parliament Speaker, if NF will agrees on Groysman.