"DNR" occupiers invite criminals and deserters to military service. They will be allowed to drive without license 07/01/2021 11:25:35. Total views 719. Views today — 0.

The command of the illegal armed formations of the "DNR" invites criminals and deserters to the so-called "military service". This follows from recruiting ads on social media.

"Service - marines. South of the "DNR". Men up to 55 for various military specialties. We train those who have not served. Leave warrants according to the schedule, at least 6 DAYS per month. NOT BARRACK. Paid leave. Food, clothing and monetary allowances. SOCHI (unauthorized leaving the service - OstroV) AND RECORD OF CONVICTIONS ARE NOT A PROBLEM!", - one of them says.

The "qualification" of the "marines" who have already been convicted and have once unauthorizedly left the service is eloquently evidenced by the information in the announcement that not only those without the appropriate category can serve as truck drivers, but also without a driver's license at all. "DRIVERS FOR TRUCK EQUIPMENT can have NO LICENSE", - the invitation says.