"Serious losses": occupiers of "DNR" make it clear that current increase in housing and public utilities tariffs is not last 06/29/2021 13:26:02. Total views 773. Views today — 0.

The increase in tariffs for utilities announced by the CADLO occupiers will not make housing and communal services in the occupied territories profitable. This fact was acknowledged by Sergey Naumets, who calls himself "the minister of construction and housing and utility sector of the DNR".

"The need to change tariffs is caused by serious losses of enterprises providing utilities", - he said.

The so-called "DNPR tariff service" states that at present, not a single enterprise in the housing and utilities sector of CADO will be able to reach a breakeven level, even taking into account the July increase in tariffs. Tariffs that are valid from July 1 will cover the actual costs of enterprises in the electric power industry by only 52%, in heat supply - by 62%, in gas supply - by 67% and in water supply and sanitation - by 73%.

"The forecast of losses in 2021 for water supply alone is 1.4076 billion rubles and for heat supply - 2.6826 million rubles", - the service reported.

According to Naumets, the occupation authorities set themselves the task of bringing housing and communal services in the uncontrolled territories to a "breakeven level", which makes a further increase in tariffs inevitable. They, the "minister" assures, will change "in accordance with the program, as well as synchronously with the indexation of pensions and wages".

As previously reported, from July 1, 2021, CADO is going to raise tariffs for housing and communal services by an average of 17%.