Weakening of quarantine restrictions for those who leaves CADLO increases risks of outbreak of Delta coronavirus strain in east of Ukraine 06/22/2021 15:56:54. Total views 670. Views today — 0.

The easing of quarantine restrictions for those leaving the occupied territories is fraught with risks of spread of the Delta coronavirus strain in the controlled Donbas. This is said in the review of the current epidemic situation in Ukraine by the National Academy of Sciences.

"Reliefs for those arriving from the temporarily occupied territories, proposed by the Ukrainian government, increase the risks of a faster outbreak in the east of the country caused by the Delta strain", - the scientists warned.

It is also predicted that the Delta strain will dominate Europe by the end of the summer.

Due to the weakening of quarantine in Ukraine, you no longer need to have a negative test for coronavirus when returning to the country. The restrictions were also lifted for those who travel to the controlled territory through the checkpoints in the Donbas and the administrative border with the Crimea. With a "green" level of epidemic danger in Ukraine, crossing the border from any country is unimpeded for citizens of Ukraine or foreigners with a residence permit. Citizens of Ukraine can also cross the checkpoint without hindrance.