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In the area of ​​the Joint Forces Operation on June 17, four attacks by the armed formations of the Russian Federation were recorded, - the JFO headquarters reported. The enemy fired from 120 caliber mortars near Pisky. Russian occupiers opened fire from grenade launchers of various systems and heavy machine guns near Luhanske. The enemy fired at our positions from heavy anti-tank and automatic heavy grenade launchers in the area of Vodiane in Pryazovia. As a result of the well-aimed shelling by the enemy of our units near Novotoshkivske, a serviceman of the AFU was wounded by a bullet. The condition of the serviceman is of moderate severity. Our defenders returned fire to the enemy shelling.

230 cases of coronavirus disease were detected in the occupied part of Donetsk oblast over the day. This was reported by the so-called "Ministry of Health of the DNR". In addition, another 14 people died. In total, there are 41 324 cases of COVID-19 infection in CADO, 3338 patients are undergoing treatment (inpatient and outpatient), 3139 people died. Thus, the mortality rate does not decrease - 7.6% (2.3% - in the free territory of Ukraine and 2.2% - in world). 82 cases of "usual" pneumonia were also detected over the day, which is 5 cases more than in the previous day. Of these, 69 patients were hospitalized. In total, 1188 patients with pneumonia are undergoing treatment, of which 561 are on oxygen support (+22 over the day).

Leader of the "DNR" Denis Pushilin admitted that the holding of mass "republican" events in May led to an increase in the incidence of coronavirus infection among the residents of CADO. In particular, according to him, a number of medical bases for receiving "covid" patients, which were closed at the end of last year, began to work again. "We had to reopen the covid bases, which we had closed before. At our peak, 39 covid bases were opened, then we reduced them to 19, and all other medical institutions switched to their usual operating hours. The number of covid bases during the May holidays increased to 29. Now the figure is still the same. Let us see how events will develop further", - Pushilin said Pushilin, having added a "reassuring" phrase that "the situation is still controlled".

Occupation authorities of the "DNR" decided to "initiate a criminal case" against Belarusian opposition journalist Roman Protasevich. This was stated by leader of the "republic" Denis Pushilin. The "LNR" occupiers stated earlier that Roman Protasevich had confessed to "the brutal murders of civilians in the Donbas. "Supposedly, "Belarusian colleagues" helped the "LNR General Prosecutor's Office" in collecting the "evidence base". At the same time, the arrested oppositionist categorically denies his participation in the hostilities in the Donbas. Protasevich assures that he was only a journalist and a photographer in Azov.

Residents of the occupied territory of Donetsk oblast are not happy that leader of the "DNR" Denis Pushilin boasted of the planned increase in public sector wages, pensions and social benefits. Residents wrote this in local publics. They noted Pushilin's quote: "As we said, we are going to the level of the Rostov oblast, this is an indicator for us. I hope very much that we will reach these figures within the specified time frame". The townspeople believe that salaries, if raised, will be insignificant, but the prices in CADO are really high; and they are even higher in the Russian Federation: "Well, yes… our prices are more expensive than in Rostov and wages are lower. They raise it by $7 at best, and prices are growing every month, what such "Rostov" level is needed for?"; "The people have not yet moved away from the past "promotion"; "We are waiting for a rise in prices for everything"; "In short, the utility payments will be raised soon"; "They promised to increase the passenger fare even more"; "What will be increased from August 1? And how much has everything already risen in price?"

The fallen tree near the art museum on the Pushkin Boulevard in the center of occupied Donetsk damaged the car and blocked the passage.

Four popular tram routes in occupied Donetsk were suspended due to the power supply problems. This was reported by Alexey Kulemzin, who calls himself "the head of the city administration". "Due to the lack of voltage at the substation, the movement of trams along routes No. 3,4,5 and 8 has been temporarily suspended", - he wrote.

The price for A-100 gasoline at the CADO gas stations went up by 7 rubles. Separatist media wrote this with reference to the "Republican Fuel Company". So, the cost of gasoline is 63 rubles per liter. Previously, its price was 56 rubles per liter. At the same time, the cost of gasoline of other brands, as well as of gas and diesel fuel, has remained at the same level so far. But residents of CADO write in social networks with indignation that the price of other fuel will also rise after this rise in price: "By 7 rubles at once??? Will 95 grow in a couple of days?"; "Is this another improvement?"; "Pushilin said that the wage would be risen by the summer, so he raises it as best he can".