Prices on apartments in occupied Donetsk is equal to pre-war times, but buyers are looking for cheaper ones 03/23/2016 21:19:27. Total views 990. Views today — 1.

Real estate market in occupied Donetsk has noticeably revived. This is reported by Ostrov’s source in the article "Acute question: Is it true that apartments are cheaper in Donetsk?".

Despite the low level of salaries and purchasing power in occupied Donetsk, there is a noticeable recovery, regular transactions of purchase and sale of real estate.

According to the interviewed realtors, the real estate market has noticeably revived compared to 2014 and the beginning of 2015.

Sources say that people buy mostly cheap apartment in good condition and in a relatively quiet area of ​​the city. Not restored apartments are not in demand, as a there is a total lack of quality and low-cost buildings materials in the city and the whole "republic".

Thus, according to our sources, price range for one-bedroom apartment close to the downtown areas varies from 10 to 25 thousand dollars in occupied Donetsk. Moreover, apartment prices in fairly remote but very quiet (according to number of attacks) districts of Donetsk - Proletarski and Budennovsk - are at the pre-war level.