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In the area of the Joint Forces Operation on June 8, two shelling of positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was recorded by the Russian occupiers, - the JFO headquarters reported. The enemy fired at our positions from heavy anti-tank grenade launchers and heavy machine guns twice near the settlement of Novhgorodske. There are no combat losses among our military.

Occupation authorities of CADLO stubbornly refuse to admit that they are not participants in the negotiations within the framework of the Trilateral Contact Group, which includes Ukraine, Russia and the OSCE as a mediator. Natalia Mikhailova, who calls herself deputy "foreign minister of the DNR", complained about the alleged ignoring of the "delegations of the republics" once again. "Representatives of Ukraine in the subgroup on political issues sent information on the draft roadmap to the OSCE, having restricted access to it to other (self-proclaimed and unrecognized within the TCG - OstroV) participants of the negotiations", - she was indignant at the fact that Ukraine, as it should be, is discussing the issue of resolving the conflict in the Donbas with an institution authorized for this. "Ukraine decided that it is possible to agree on the settlement of the conflict in Donbas not with representatives of the Republics as a second party to the conflict, but face-to-face with the OSCE coordinator", - Comrade Mikhailova was trying to demonstrate a certain subjectivity of the so-called "DNR/LNR".

A so-called "mobilization campaign", the goal of which is "to provide a personnel reserve" of the "people's militia" of both "republics", has begun in the occupied Donbas. A local blogger wrote this in the separatist segment of social networks. According to him, the first stage of the "measures" is a massive, all-embracing check of all those who can be involved as a "conscript" or "reservist" for military training of the military "formations" of the Russian occupiers. "The verification of the identification data has begun among the male population aged 18 to 55 years. An important point is that when the officers of the military registration and enlistment offices check the data and communicate with the citizens of the republic, they notify them that criminal liability is provided for evading military service", - the blogger wrote. He assured that the "power in the republics" planed that by the end of 2021, all men meeting age requirements who live in CADLO have attended the "military training". "Law enforcement agencies will deal with the escapists. Obviously, they will act through the administrations of enterprises - send out summons and conduct inspections", - the blogger clarified. At the same time, he did not hide the fact that local residents of military age were not eager to "serve". "Meanwhile, the real prospect of a big autumn conscription looms - they will serve for 2 years, fully repaying their debt to the homeland", - the message said. "Therefore, the number one question now in families where there are guys is where to send them to study. Not everyone has the financial ability to pay for contract education even on the territory of the republic, not to mention Russia", - the blogger stated.

The "LNR" propagandists lie that Kyiv is blocking the opening of checkpoint near Zolote and Shchastia in the Luhansk oblast. Another unsubstantiated accusation against Ukraine came from Maria Kovshar, who calls herself the press secretary of a certain "LNR delegation in the Contact Group" (in fact, the Contact Group is trilateral and the "delegation" of CADLO is not included in it). Allegedly, occupation authorities of the "LNR" are in favor of the simultaneous opening of the entry-exit checkpoints of near Zolote and Shchastia. "The simultaneous opening of two new checkpoints Luhansk-Shchastia and Pervomaisk-Zolote remained blocked by Ukraine as before", - Comrade Kovshar said following a meeting of the participants of the working group on humanitarian issues on June 8. The "press secretary" did not specify that these checkpoints have been open on the Ukrainian side for a long time and were ready to carry out passage operations. However, the occupiers' checkpoints on the CALO side remain closed under far-fetched pretexts.

Occupation authorities of the "DNR" admitted that there was a sharp increase in water inflow along the western belt incline of the Zasyadko mine. This was said in the message of the so-called "Ministry of the Coal Industry". The "department" stated that this situation had caused "the need for a complex of additional work aimed at strengthening the hydro-safety of the enterprise". Several meetings were held at the Zasyadko mine on this occasion, one of the results of which was the idea of ​​transferring pumps from other, already stopped mines of the occupied part of Donetsk oblast to a potentially emergency site. "Given the significant deterioration of the equipment of the Zasyadko coal mine DNR State Unitary Enterprise, which is unable to cope with the additional inflow of water, it was decided to consider the possibility of using pumps, pipelines, beams and other equipment from the enterprises of the Donbassuglerestructurization State Unitary Enterprise of the DNR", - the report of the fake "ministry" said.

Leader of the "DNR" Denis Pushilin admitted wage arrears at the CADO mines, which arose due to the "external control" of the so-called Vneshtorgservis. "Our main problem is large metallurgical and coke-chemical enterprises that are part of the VTS orbit. At the moment, we see that the model that was adopted after the introduction of the blockade by Ukraine and was forced for us has exhausted itself", - the leader stated at the regular meeting. "Now the government has been tasked with shatter into a million pieces as soon as possible, but to propose a new model for managing these enterprises. We need to resolve issues related to non-payment of wages as soon as possible. It is necessary to close the issue with the payment of those debts that have arisen from related enterprises as soon as possible, including coal ones - they also have delays in the payment of salaries in chain order ", - the puppet ruler of the occupied part of Donetsk oblast admitted.

Another 216 cases of coronavirus disease were detected in the occupied areas of Donetsk oblast over the day. This was reported by the so-called "Ministry of Health of the DNR". Another 16 people died in the previous day. In total, as of June 8, there are 40 179 people with COVID-19 infection on the territory of CADO, 4735 patients are undergoing treatment (inpatient and outpatient), 3050 people died. Thus, the "official" mortality rate is 7.6% (for comparison, it is 2.3% on a free the territory of Ukraine and 2.2% - in the world). The occupiers also revealed 76 cases of "usual" pneumonia over the day, which is 40 cases more than in the previous day. Of these, 68 patients were hospitalized. In total, there are 1431 patients with pneumonia on treatment, of which 656 are on oxygen support (+32 over the day).

Tram traffic along routes No.3, 4 and 8 was stopped in occupied Donetsk due to an accident. This was announced by Alexey Kulemzin, who calls himself "the head of the city administration". The reason that caused the traffic collapse was the accident in which three cars got involved. "As a result of the accident on Leninsky Avenue with the participation of 3 cars, the movement of trams along routes No 3, No.4 and No.8 has been temporarily suspended", - Kulemzin wrote. Residents wrote in local publics that the accident happened on Leninsky Avenue in the direction of the "Golden Ring", in front of the Tkachenko street and reported that not three, but five cars were involved.

The volume of water supply throughout occupied Donetsk will be reduced by 30-40% on June 9. This was announced by Alexey Kulemzin, who calls himself "the head of the city administration". The reason is the need for repairs at the Verkhnio-Kalmiuska filtration station.