The "DPR" makes forced migrants sell property on the occupied territory according to "its laws" 03/23/2016 20:10:35. Total views 1168. Views today — 0.

The self-proclaimed "DЗК" has introduced its own property inventories, thereby paralyzing real estate transactions previously carried out in accordance with Ukrainian law that allowed forced migrants to sell the abandoned apartments. Real estate expert Yelena Malenkova told OstroV about that.

According to her, in the territory of "Republic" notaries started to execute the transaction in accordance with government directives "DNI", so the Ukrainian realtors quickly develop a mechanism that allowed to travel to the territory controlled by the Ukrainian authorities for people to sell their property

"We were involved in developing mechanisms the last four days. We are communicating with Ukrainian notaries, local registry. It is obvious that selling according to Ukrainian laws will no longer be possible. It is likely that we’ll have to do everything according to the "DPR laws", - said Yelena Malenkova.

The so-called "rules of the DPR", in her opinion, mean that the seller on the uncontrolled territory must obtain an extract from the "republican" registry, a certificate from the "Ministry of Income and Fees" that he owes nothing to "treasury" of the "DPR" and then in the presence of a "republican" notary make the purchase and sale deal according to the "laws" of the "DPR".

Ye.Malenkova notes that such an operation is possible between parties located on the territory of the "DPR" but very difficult, if the seller is a forced migrant. In this case, he may have to come to the "republic" and somehow pass checkpoints with money got for the apartment. And it is quite a large amount - according to OstroV, for example, price range for one-bedroom apartment close to the downtown areas varies from 10 to 25 thousand dollars in occupied Donetsk.

As previously reported, many forced migrants can not enter the occupied territory under the fear of repression because of their pro-Ukrainian position or post. Thus, they are physically unable to sell the remaining property in the "republic" under the laws of the "DPR".