Lukashenko allows "investigators" from CALO to interrogate detained opposition member Protasevich 06/02/2021 14:44:48. Total views 687. Views today — 0.

Alexander Lukashenko has stated that "investigators" from CALO could come to Belarus and interrogate former editor-in-chief of the Nexta Telegram channel Roman Protasevich. He reported this during a meeting of the government officials.

"There are nuances: a criminal case against these persons has been opened in the Donbas. I told President Putin, I reminded him that the criminal case had been opened, and said that if they (who call themselves investigators of the "LNR" General Prosecutor's Office" - OstroV) have questions for them, - you are welcome to us, please ask them questions, because they killed people there, in the Donbas", - Lukashenko said

Earlier, the CALO occupiers asked Lukashenko to hand over Protasevich to them "for an investigative experiment".

As previously reported, there is no evidence that Roman Protasevich "killed people in the Donbas". He was in the ATO zone as a journalist. The "LNR" occupiers found out that the Belarusian oppositionist was in the Donbas only after he was illegally detained at the Minsk airport.