Occupiers of "DNR" spread fake that Ukraine will evaluate "road map" from CADLO in writing at TCG meeting 05/17/2021 13:20:18. Total views 832. Views today — 1.

Puppet authorities of the "DNR" spread fake that at the TCG meeting on May 18-19, the Ukrainian side will comment in writing on a certain "road map" proposed by the "republics". This is said in the message of the so-called "DNR delegation at the Minsk talks".

Voicing the agenda, the CADO propagandists stated that "within the framework of the negotiations, the parties are expected to "provide a written opinion on the part of Ukraine on the draft Road map submitted by the Republics".

In fact, Ukraine's position remains unchanged – negotiations on the normalization of situation in the Donbas are possible only between the members of the Trilateral Contact Group, which, respectively, includes Ukraine, Russia and the OSCE.

Within the framework of Minsk, the Ukrainian delegation announced its version of the agenda of the TCG work on May 18-19. It is planned to discuss "the issue of violations of the ceasefire by the armed formations of the Russian Federation and the improvement of the control mechanism".

As previously reported, a joint statement of 46 UN countries on the occasion of the seventh anniversary of adoption by the UN General Assembly of the resolution on the territorial integrity of Ukraine asserts that Russia is a party to the conflict in the Donbas and not a mediator. Thus, no "republics" are a party to the Minsk talks. The occupation propaganda is trying to hide the obvious fact, deliberately distorting the name of the TCG – the occupiers use the phrase "Contact Group" instead of the term "Trilateral Contact Group" fixed in the Minsk Agreements.